When we’re planning our wedding, we considered wedding photography and videography services as too expensive and we skipped on them. Little did we know, how sorry about that decision we will be in the future.

After years of investing in our gear, education and all of the software we use, we are now providing the services we are proud of. All of your memories will be captured in the best possible way. There would be no need in gathering the photos from your families phones, as it happened with us. 

What should you know about us before booking your wedding?

Chicago Wedding Photographer Videographer Couple Engagement Duo Photo Video

Either you book a photo/video only or photo + video package, you’ll stick with either of these two - Alex and Lidiya, or both. We will be by your side all day long. Here are some facts about us for you to know us better:

- We are absolutely positive and open minded people. We adjust easily to your wedding day schedule and what might occur during the day.

- We didn’t hire a photographer or videographer for our wedding. Now we are very sorry about that decision.

- Our native language is Ukrainian. So be prepared for some cute Slavik accents. Besides English, we also speak Russian, German and a little bit of Polish.

- Not all of the brides and grooms like this one, but... We are in love with wedding cakes.

- We read books (it’s not connected with weddings, just wanted to show off).