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Meet The Kovalchuks

For those, who are new here and doesn’t know us, - meet Alex and Lidiya, The Kovalchuks, a Chicago based team of a Wedding Photographer and a Wedding Videographer. We are married and love to capture other people getting married. We do candid Wedding Photography and Videography. It’s our passion, full-time job and main specialization.

A little bit about us..

We define ourselves as a lucky couple. Not only we do what we love and believe in, but also we are able to do that with our better half. We believe in marriage and know that it's a hard daily work. Maybe that's why we love weddings so much. The creation of a new family brings us joy and belief in true love. We don't really know how it works, but usually our clients are crazy in love with each other, playful and very kind, just the way we desire to be.

Alex and I are married for almost 6 years already. And there is no other decision we’re so sure about. We are happy together! Dirty socks and daily routine don’t make us mad. Some say: "not yet", "hold on", "in a couple of years you will see". But you know what? We don’t care! We enjoy being a family! We believe in true love. For some it might sound childish, but we really do! Our relationship started with a 2 years long distance challenge. Skeptics were saying: "Forget it", we got married instead. So, yes, there is love in this world. If you are as crazy in love as we are, we feel you.

Illinois Wedding Photographer Videographer Couple Engagement Duo Photo Video
Chicago photographer wedding couples engagement session
Illinois wedding photo video duo engagement chicago candid camera

Brides who booked us before say we are fun, easy-going and super positive people. And we believe, that’s truth. We love candid shots, slow dances and sentimental tears. We’re working as a Wedding photo + video team for 5 years already. We’ve learned so much from our couples, most of them became good friends of ours. Looking forward to meeting new people, capturing new weddings and learning new things.

As of now we are living and working in Chicago, IL. However, we love to travel. So, don’t hesitate to contact us from any state.

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In the summer 22' we had our first baby born - Lily, you might have heard her cooing during one of our Zoom sessions. She's growing pretty fast and soon we will have a little helper on our hands. If you are looking for a flower girl let us know!