10 GREAT IDEAS FOR YOUR BRIDAL MORNING (save them and share with your soon-to-be-married friends)

A bridal morning is one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. You’re planning this day for a year or even longer and now it’s finally here. You can either remember it as a very delightful and anticipating time, or as very stressful and chaotic. Here some of our advices how to make it the first one:

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1. STAY OVERNIGHT AT YOUR BRIDAL SUITE or any other getting ready location. You will have plenty of time to arrange your things, pick spots for your makeup and hair getting done. Not to mention it will get the traffic and checking in stress out of the equation.

2. MAKE SURE NO ONE IS LATE Yes, I’m talking here about that maid of honor of yours, who you love infinitely, but who’s always late. Schedule everyone’s arrival earlier, than really needed. Let them stay overnight with you. Check their directions and alarms if needed. Do it all a couple days before, so the morning goes smoothly.

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3. EAT AND HYDRATE Basic one, but the one that gets neglected the most. Order food for everyone beforehand, buy snacks and fill everyone’s purses and cars with them. Make it fancy, order custom macaroons or cupcakes, mimosas are always appreciated too. Just make sure you eat and drink water as well. Tell your maid of honor it’s her job to feed you some food during the day, cause you will definitely forget it. 

4. MAKE LISTS of bridal things, of people, of things to grab with you to the church, of things to put in your purse. Sit calmly and write down everything a week before the big day. Save them on your phone, send to your mom and maid of honor, explain where to get what and why it’s so important.

5. CASH You will probably pay your makeup artist and hairstylist on location. Talk to them beforehand. Do they accept online payments or cash only? How much will you have to pay? Have money ready in envelopes, tips included.

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6. TURN THE MUSIC ON Grab a speaker with you or just turn the TV on. It makes the difference and sets the right mood!

7. ASK FOR HELP Your maid of honor and bridesMAIDS were called that for a reason. They are here to help! Make each of them responsible for something. Those lists of yours, make sure that have them and get you covered. 

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8. EMERGENCY KIT Hopefully, you will not need that, but better safe than sorry, right? So, a week or so before the Day X, sit and think of everything that could get wrong. It’s kind of weird advice to give, but hear me out. Whenever you have an imaginary force major, think of the ways to fix that. Headache - painkillers, wind - hairspray and bobby-pins, chargers, band aids, stain remover, sewing kit etc. Create a list and voila you have your wedding day emergency kit!

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9. CLEAN SPACE Cleaning is probably the last thing you might want to do on your wedding day, but trust me, the cleaner the space - the cleaner the mind. Keeping things tidy when there are up to 10 girls getting ready could be like mission impossible. But imagine you lose your jewelry in between someones purses, or someone puts an unfinished sandwich by the dress. Moreover, your photographer will spend more time photographing you than cleaning up.

10. CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONES Bridesmaids will be there with you and for you starting from the morning, the most vulnerable time of the day. Choose wisely who do you want to share it with. Who will not judge and will totally understand you? It’s better to have fewer closer bridesmaids, than full house of strangers.

Hope, these tips will help to prepare yourself for one of the most exciting mornings of your life!

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