Wedding group photos could be a struggle, especially if not planned and organized beforehand. As photographers we always help to organize the crowd, to get better locations and so on. However, there are things that we might need some help with. 

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First of all it’s a shot list. We need to know your family photos combinations to take them smoothly and fast. Secondly, as a wedding couple you need to make sure every family member knows the time and location where those photos will be taken. Last, but not least, it’s a good idea to have a responsible person who knows your families and could easily find a missing aunt or cousin.

To make it easier for you we created an ultimate group shot list. Go through it, pick the ones you want, ignore the ones you don’t and add some that are not here in comments:

Bride with her Parents

Bride with her Father

Bride with her Mother

Bride with her siblings

Bride with her Immediate family

Groom with his Parents

Groom with his Father

Groom with his Mother

Groom with his siblings 

Groom with his Immediate family

The bridal party

Bride with bridesmaids 

Bride with each bridesmaid

Groom with groomsmen

Groom with each groomsman

Couple with bridesmaids 

Couple with groomsmen

Couple with each set of parents

Couple with both sets of parents

Couple with each immediate family 

Couple with both immediate families

Couple with siblings 

Couple with flower girls/ring bearers 

Couple with each guest table 

Guest tables

Couple with vendors

Couple with officiant/priest 

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Hope this helps you with your wedding planning! Remember, there is no “right” list for your wedding. If you want to add your cousins and aunts, go for it. If you want to shorten that list to 5 combinations, definitely do it! Your family and friends are there to celebrate your love and they will respect any of your decisions ☝🏻

Alex & Lidiya,

The Kovalchuks